“A Little Legend of the Old West"

AKC Family Dog Jan/Feb 2021

“War Dogs - Soldier Dogs: TAILS FROM THE MESS HALL”

Commemorative Air Force Education Webinar Sept. 23, 2020

"Man’s Best Friend, the Good Bad Dogs of Horror Films”

AKC Family Dog Sep/Oct 2020

“The Military Ark: Animals in Service”

The Dispatch, The Official Magazine of the Commemorative Air Force, July 2020, vol. 45, no. 7

"Lights, Canine, Action!"

AKC Family Dog, Jan/Feb 2019

"To Get to the Other Side, Part 1"

AKC Family Dog, Sep/Oct 2017


To Get to the Other Side, Part 2"

AKC Family Dog, Nov/Dec 2017

“An Ancient Hound Meets the New World”

AKC Family Dog, Mar/Apr 2016 - DWAA Category Winner 2016


“Testifying with Honor”

AKC Family Dog, May/Jun 2016


“America’s First National Dog Show”

AKC Family Dog, Jan/Feb 2016

“Yankee Dudu: The First Saluki in America”

ASA Newsletter, Winter 2015 & Salukibladet, Christmas Issue, 2015, Sweden

"Farid's Gift"

ASA Newsletter, Summer 2014. DWAA Award for Best Short Fiction in 2010 & AKC Publications Fiction Contest, 3rd Place, 2010

“Horrie the Dinkum Rebel”

AKC Family Dog, Mar/Apr 2014 (Category Finalist in 2014 DWAA Writing Contest)

“Citizen Biggles”

AKC Family Dog,Sep/Oct 2014

“Of Coursing Hounds and Cowboys”

ACK Family Dog, Nov/Dec 2013

"Hearthrob's Heart Dogs"

AKC Family Dog, Jul/Aug 2013

“Our Dogs Give Us Such Pleasure – Mrs. George Armstrong Custer”

AKC Family Dog, Mar/Apr 2012 & reprinted in Greasy Grass: the Journal of the Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association, May 2013

“A Night at the Opera with Wolfhounds”

AKC Family Dog, Sep/Oct 2012


"Army Hounds"

Sighthound Review, Sep 2012


“From Bohemia With Love”

AKC Gazette, Sep 2011


“Custer and His Hounds”

Sighthound Review, Summer 2011 DWAA: Best Feature in a Single Breed Magazine 


“Lawrence of Arabia and the Noble Hounds” 

AKC Gazette, Apr 2011 (APDW Arthur Awards Finalist)


“A Wolfhound Myth Melts with the Ice Age”

Dogs in Review, Feb 2011


“DOG-UMENTARY: Working with Filmmakers to Get It Right”

AKC Gazette, Nov 2010, DWAA Finalist: Best Feature in an All-Breed Magazine


“The Dog Who Wasn’t Supposed to Go”

It’s a Dog’s World: True Stories of Travel with Man’s Best Friend, Traveler’s Tales Guides, 1997


“Dear Miss Amherst... Yours Sincerely, T.E. Lawrence”

Saluki International Spring/Summer 1994 DWAA: Maxwell Award for Best Feature in a Breed Magazine, 1994