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"One Woman, One Girl, and 291 Dogs"

AKC Family Dog, Sep/Oct 2022

"Who's That Dog?"

AKC Family Dog, Mar/Apr 2022

"Man's Best Friend, the Good Bad Dogs of Horror Films"

AKC Family Dog, Sep/Oct 2020

"Lights, Canine, Action!"

AKC Family Dog, Jan/Feb 2019

"Heartthrob's Heart Dogs"
AKC Family Dog
, Jul/Aug 2013

"DOG-UMENTARY: Working with Filmmakers to Get it Right"

AKC Gazette, Nov 2010, DWAA Finalist; Best Feature in an All-Breed Magazine

American History

"A Legend of the Old West"

AKC Family Dog, Jan/Feb 2021

"America's First National Dog Show"

AKC Family Dog, Jan/Feb 2016

"Of Coursing Hounds and Cowboys"

AKC Family Dog, Nov/Dec 2013

"Our Dogs Give Us Such Pleasure - Mrs. George Armstrong Custer"

AKC Family Dog Mar/Apr 2012 & reprinted in Greasy Grass: the Journal of  the Custer Battlefield

Historical & Museum Association, May 2013

"Custer and His Hounds"

Sighthound Review, Summer 2011 DWAA: Best Feature in a Single Breed Magazine

Breed Histories

"An Ancient Hound Meets the New World"

AKC Family Dog, Mar/Apr 2016 - DWAA Category Winner 2016

"Yankee Dudu: The First Saluki in America"

ASA Newsletter, Winter 2015 & Salukibladet, Christmas Issue, 2015 Sweden

"Lawrence of Arabia and the Noble Hounds"

AKC Gazette, Apr 2011 (APDW Arthur Awards Finalist)

"Dear Miss Amherst...Yours Sincerely, T.E. Lawrence"

Saluki International Spring/Summer 1994 DWAA: Maxwell Award for Best Feature in a Single Breed Magazine, 1994

"From Bohemia With Love"

AKC Gazette, Sep 2011

"A Wolfhound Myth Melts with the Ice Age"

Dogs in Review, Feb 2011

Miltary Canines

"War Dogs - Soldier Dogs: TAILS FROM THE MESS HALL"

Commemorative Air Force Edition Webinar Sept 23, 2020

"The Military Ark: Animals in Service"

The Dispatch, The Official Magazine of the Commemorative Air Force, July 2020, vol. 45, no.  7

"Army Hounds"

Sighthound Review, Sept 2012

Dogs Down Under

"Walkabout Red Dog"

AKC Family Dog, Nov/Dec 2022

"Horrie the Dinkum Rebel"

AKC Family Dog Mar/Apr 2014 (Category Finalist in 2014 DWAA Writing Contest)

"Citizen Biggies"

AKC Family Dog, Sep/Oct 2014

Trekking with Dogs

"To Get to the Other Side, Part 1"

AKC Family Dog, Sep/Oct 2017

"To Get to the Other Side, Part 2"

AKC Family Dog, Nov/Dec 2017

Service Dogs

"Testifying with Honor"

AKC Family Dog, May/Jun 2016

Dogs in the Funny Papers

"Laugh Lines"

AKC Family Dog, May/Jun 2022

Dog Stories

"That Dog in the Daguerreotype"

AKC Family Dog, Sep/Oct 2021

"A Night at the Opera with Wolfhounds"

AKC Family Dog, Sep/Oct 2012

"The Dog Who Wasn't Supposed to Go"

It's a Dog's World: True Stories of Travel with Man's Best Friend, Traveler's Guides, 1997

"Farid's Gift"

ASA Newsletter, Summer 2014, DWAA Award for Best Short Fiction in 2010 & AKC Publications Fiction Contest, 3rd Place, 2010

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