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REVIEWS OF GENERAL CUSTER, LIBBIE CUSTER, AND THEIR DOGS: A Passion for Hounds from the Civil War to the Little Big Horn (Dogs in Our World Series)

“Brian I wanted to let you know how much I REALLY enjoyed your book on Custer and his dogs! It was worth every penny of full price.”

Paul Andrew Hutton, Western historian & author of The Apache Wars

"It seems like every subject dealing with Custer—from his guns to his battles, to his horses— have become fodder for books. Brian Patrick Duggan’s latest book...adds a new topic to the list. The author has created a delightful and objective biography of George and Libbie Custer that is driven by their love of dogs." See the full review on Brian's Facebook page.

MONTANA: The Magazine of Western History, Spring 2020

“Who knew that a book tracing the fascinating life of George and Libbie Custer through their love for animals could be so enjoyable? Not only is the author an excellent writer, but his research is groundbreaking, and his knowledge of the subject unequaled. I loved this book. I loved this book.”    James Donovan, author of A Terrible Glory



“This book is chock-full of photos—many of which I have not seen before—sketches, and paintings, but the meat of it is in the research, which to me is remarkable and clearly establishes Brian as one of the best and most definitive writers on the Custers and their lives together with their animals. The book is even better than its content, for Brian is one fine writer. This is a curl-up-with-a-good-drink book, one of those whose only fault is that it ends.”

Frederic C. Wagner III, author of The Strategy of Defeat at the Little Big Horn: A Military and Timing Analysis of the Battle

REVIEWS OF SALUKI:  The Desert Hound and the English Travelers Who Brought It to the West (Dogs in Our World Series)

"...breathing life into this diverse group of enthusiasts...and their the work of this well-researched volume. It is a fascinating journey from the time the sun never set on the British Empire to the darkness of World War II. The photographs are wonderful as well."

Jane Waldron Grutz, Saudi Aramco World


"Duggan...has done so thorough and readable a job as to render any further book on the subject unnecessary. Populated by dozens of compelling characters, including T. E. Lawrence (the enigmatic Lawrence of Arabia), Saluki is the product of 14 years of research made vivid by the author’s skills as a storyteller"

AKC Gazette


"...a masterful work and I am tremendously impressed with the amount of research that went into it"

George H.V. Cecil, Chairman, Biltmore Farms LLC


"...a welcome chronicling their [British officers] stories you add to the broader picture of British activity in the Middle East"

Zahra Dickson Freeth, author of Kuwait Was My Home

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